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Hi, I’m The Work. Tad and Indie prefer that I do the talking for them.

I recently did my thing and got them placements at The Corner, VCCP, then Wonderhood Studios where they currently are.

Together they have five D&AD NewBlood pencils, awkwardly lanky limbs and spoke on a United Nations panel.

Before they met, Indie was a freelance illustrator *cough* Christmas elf. 

Meanwhile, Tad lived as a hermit before the word ‘lockdown’ had even graced the mainstream media.

To speak to The Work call:

07867 974079

or email:

or contact them directly: @tadandindie



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D&AD New Blood - White Pencil

D&AD New Blood - Yellow Pencil

D&AD New Blood - Graphite Pencil

D&AD New Blood - Graphite Pencil

D&AD New Blood - Wood Pencil

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