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How do we get kids playing outside with Lego?


Lego Birdwatch.

Lego Birdwatch end screen-01.png
Birdhouse trial.png

We got kids to build bird feeders out of Lego.

And the birds couldn't get enough!

Lego birdsong detection brick.png

We've also designed a brick which you'd put inside your feeder. (26).gif

The brick sends audio to the Lego Birdwatch app by bluetooth. Here, Warblr tech (Shazam for Birds) is used to identify the bird. The app notifies you so can see it in real life.

For each bird identified you can read all about it and unlock its limited edition Lego model. (24).gif

You can see the birds that have visited your feeder in AR by holding your phone up to it.

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